Weekly Roundup | October 12, 2012

  • This week I was hit with a serious bout of writers block. I don’t know why I let it get me down for so long because you all are full of awesome post ideas! I posted one status on Facebook asking for ideas and now I have a bunch! So awesome. I’m still taking suggestions, so if there’s something you’d like to know about let me know.
  • Now that the sun is rising later and setting earlier, it’s harder and harder to take decent shots of the pups since I leave for work when it’s dark and when I return, it’s also dark. I’ll have to start trying to take a bunch of pics during the weekends so I have them to share during the week.

Iz too dark to play fetch?

  • I came across this article on Why Pet Photography Matters. It really resonates with me because I got interested in pet photography when I realized that I have very few photos of my first dog, and none of us together. Without good photographs it’s sometimes difficult to remember her. Once our pets are gone, even the simplest snapshots can become priceless. Even if you don’t have a fancy camera or consider yourself a photographer, make sure to get some pics of your pets.

pics are important, even if your dog has a crazy face like Heidi

  • Bummer news: we’re going to miss the rest of Heidi’s agility classes this session :( She went last week (I just forgot to post about it), but that was the last one we’ll be able to make for the season. No reason other than poor planning on our parts, so the weekends filled up more than we thought. We’re already planning to get her signed up again when the weather starts to warm up.
  • Earlier this week, The Husband accidentally gave Nemo Melanie’s eye drops. You’d think he would have noticed he was putting drops in the wrong dogs’ eyes, but he didn’t. And Nemo was so good about getting them that that didn’t tip him off either. I guess Nemo’s eyes felt really good for a little while, haha 😉
  • I got a blog award! I’ll have to do a real post about it later, but I got an award from Mr. & Mrs. Nola Kisses – Thank you!

Here’s what I posted about this week:

Heidi: The Therapy Dog that Wasn’t
A Review of BorrowLenses.com

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12 thoughts on “Weekly Roundup | October 12, 2012

  1. Congrats on the award! Also, I agree that pet photography is super important. I have more pictures of Rufus than I have of just about anyone else, haha. He’s the easiest subject, I’m with him every single day, and he never complains. Also I just think it’s fun.

  2. Pet photography IS important. Photos in general are important, of the people, animals, places, that we love. I spent sixteen years with Dakotah, my malamute mix, and I have so few photos of him. One of the main reasons I started blogging was to make sure that I didn’t forget all the stories of day to day life with these amazing animals, and take the photos to go along with them. Trying to take BETTER pictures came later, and I’m still working on it, but at least I have far more pictures of these five animals than I’ve ever had of any other animal I’ve ever lived with.

    Congrats on your award!

  3. Pet photographies are treasures and you can say it out loud!!
    I also used to take a lot of pics of my little girl, but at some point I stopped. I should restart again because… she is so beautiful and she is always in our heart. I am sure people thinks we are weirdos because we love a dog so much, we have 2 paintings in my living room of her and… we talk to her, and spend so much time with her, Well, I just guess dogs are amazing.
    Anyway, I understand your difficulties when it comes to take pictures when it’s dark, Here I have the same problem.
    A. @ HelloDoorSeven

  4. I love the ball photo! Those get down on the dog’s level photos never disappoint:) I had so many hard drive mishaps and have lost thousands of photos of my old dogs. Sucks:( Now I keep all of them backed up online also, but it helps having a computer that doesn’t belong in that scene of office space. Haha.

  5. Thanks for sharing :) It is so true that we regret not taking enough photos of our pets. I like the perspective that you put on it. As always, your photos are amazing. Do you have any advice for taking photos of our pets as it relates to shutter speed? I am new to my DSLR, and always find that the photo is taken a smidgen to late to capture our pups’ crazy antics!

    • Unless they’re sleeping (or otherwise not moving around), you’ll usually want the shutter speed pretty high when they’re moving. I like at least 1/500 if I can (or as fast as you can get given the light you have). You can also set your camera to “continuous” shooting, instead of “single shot” so that if you hold the shutter down it will keep snapping pics so you can get the shot 😉 hope that helps!

  6. Please ignore the stalker/fangirl vibe this gives off … but I’m in Kate withdrawal. I discovered 26 to life right before you went on hiatus, and then I celebrated when Kate with a camera was born. So when there are more posts my browser’s refresh button can take a break, just sayin’ 😉 In all seriousness, longtime lurker just wanted to say hi!

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