Update: No Poo, but Plopping

What is up with giving these things icky sounding names? “No poo”? “Plopping”? Do they have to sound like I need a laxative? Do you know the alternative name for “plopping” is “plunking”? Not much better right? After my toilet paper post I can’t imagine what kind of key word searches will pull my blog up in Google. Anyway, on with the update…

When I posted at the beginning of December about the “Noo Poo lifestyle,” I was super surprised by the response. I had no idea so many of you go pooless!

I went ahead gave it a try with basically no preparation. I just stopped using shampoo and I didn’t buy any new conditioner so I used what I had (I use Tresemme). I also continued to use my heat protecting spray (also Tresemme) and mousse (Dove) when I felt like it (although I did use less).

For the first two weeks or so I really loved the results. Like love love loved. My curly hair felt awesome. I got tons of compliments on my hair from people. It was great. All I did was use conditioner. Each morning I rinsed out my hair really well and gently massaged my scalp to get any grime out of there, and I was good.

The week before I left on my trip things started to seem a bit more oily. It wasn’t the end of the world, but it wasn’t great either. When I straightened my hair out it just wasn’t looking good anymore (but my curls were still looking fantastic). I tried a few different things, but I don’t know how well they really worked. I tried the baby powder thing, but I felt like it didn’t do much (although my hair smelled nice!). I also tried “shampooing” my hair with a baking soda mixture, and while that seemed to help a bit, the greasiness didn’t completely go away.

When the cruise rolled around though, I pretty much had to give up the no poo lifestyle for that week or so. I wasn’t able to bring along my giant bottle of conditioner (so I was left with whatever I found on the ship), and I didn’t trust how my hair would react to all the sand and salt water without any shampooing at all. So I used my poo. Often. Thus endeth my initial no poo experience.

But the real question is: Do I plan to do it again? Absolutely. I don’t know that hardcore “no poo” will be my routine, but extremely “low poo” will be. Right now I’m thinking I’ll give ‘pooing a try about once a week or so and see how that goes.

Plus, I learned about another handy thing during the experiment: plopping!

If you have curly hair, plopping is perhaps the bestest best of the best thing ever. I love it. It really sets your hair and wrings the excess moisture out (so it dries faster/easier). When I wear my hair curly now, this is the only way I’ll go. It’s amazing.

My plopping isn’t nearly as neatly done in the picture. My towels are either ginormously huge or itty bitty, but so far that hasn’t seemed to matter. I just do my best to wrap it up and make it stay that way for 15 minutes. Works great.

It’s taken me 27 years, but I think I’m finally getting a handle on my hair.  Hallelujah.

Image from Naturally Curly.
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10 thoughts on “Update: No Poo, but Plopping

  1. Thanks for the update! I was wondering how it was going.

    Like I said, I can’t go poo-less, but I love the idea of plopping. Will definitely try that next time I go curly!

  2. i felt the same way when i figured it out! i never blowdry straight anymore, and the only time you’ll see my hair straight-ish is if i comb it back and put it in a bun while it’s wet. it’s just so much happier curly– and so much easier to care for!

    when do we get to see pictures of your curls?

    when you’re ready to give up the shampoo again, i highly recommend getting some silicone and sulfate free products. it makes a huge huge difference. you avoid the frizz and the buildup!

  3. I have Twenty-Six to Life in my Google Reader, so I got a sneak peak at the post yesterday 😉 which was good because it meant I got to try plopping this morning and it really does work!

    I have permed hair (my natural hair type is very fine and stick straight) and I wasn’t sure how plopping would work for me but it works great and my curls look the best they have in a long time. Thanks for sharing!

  4. I adored the amount of times I read “poo” in this post. I’m glad the no/low poo thing works out for you. Although I’m surprised- most people I’ve talked to say that it’s the opposite- it takes a couple weeks for the grease to calm down, then it’s amazing. Hmm…

  5. I’m pretty surprised that you weren’t greasy sooner, using the same products you always have. But, the plopping is good. Unfortunately, I just can’t bring myself to get out of the shower with my head down, walk over to the toilet or bed, lay a towel down, and put it on that way. I’m a bad plopper. So, I don’t plop. But, kudos that it works for you!

  6. I don’t know how much it matters, but when I was doing it, I was really diligent about rinsing my hair out as well as I possibly could. I also tried not to get conditioner/product near my roots/scalp (that’s how I used less). Maybe that’s why it didn’t feel greasy right away? I also have super super thick hair if that makes a difference.

    K-T – You’re quick! I thought I caught that before people saw it 😉 Glad it worked for you!

    loveandaleash – Next time I wear it curly I’ll try to remember to take a pic! I look really different with curly hair.

    Sara – I don’t plop quite that immediately. I actually comb through my hair to get any tangles out first, then plop, so I don’t have to get out of the shower with my head down or anything :)

    And I honestly never thought I’d post so much about my hair!

  7. Wow, I’m impressed. I’ve heard of the “no poo” movement but I don’t think I’ll ever have the guts to do it. My hair isn’t curly and looks like crap the next day if it’s not cleaned. The movement says if you get beyond that, it gets better, but I’m just not sure.

  8. This post made me laugh so hard! Poo and plop. So hard not to go there. :) I’ve never tried to go no poo…my hair on its own is oily and I just have never thought to try it…maybe I will!

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